Friday, February 21, 2014

3-Point Plan for CPS Submitted

Here is the link to the 3-Point Plan submitted to CPS on February 21, 2014.

Before you peruse this document, here is some background on how it was created.  About a month or so ago, as the Hyde Park/Kenwood CAC was getting up and running, we were informed that the other CACs (who have been in existence for 2-3 years) were asked for a 3-Point Plan from CPS, to be turned in by February 28.  This was to be a short list/explanation of priorities that would later inform more strategic planning.  Knowing this was in the works for the other CACs but knowing that we were just being formed, there was the big question as to whether or not we could pull this off.

We started early discussions with brainstorming lists, categorizing exercises, further communication over email, whole-group discussions, and knowing that we need more communication with the administrators, community members, teachers, parents, and all stakeholders. Since we are just forming, we narrowed our ideas down to 4 points.

Then, at our monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 19, we revisited these points, with the idea that we had over a week to make something happen more in depth to meet the CPS deadline.  Some suggested taking until the next month's meeting to get it done, asking for an extension due to our young nature.  The CPS officials, however, informed us that the "real" deadline was 2 days later- February 21st- if we wanted to do our best to get our requests in for any capital that might become available.  Less than 48 hours later we needed our plan developed, elaborated, and polished.

The newly-elected leadership was charged with this task.  Through collaboration, a document was created, feedback gathered from the CAC board members, adjustments made, and a final-but-working-document for our 3-Point Plan was presented.  We did it.

Please note that it is a working document that will be revisited as we develop conversations with school leaders and community members along the way.

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