Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rapid Response Meetings Update


Location: Blackstone Public Library Branch
Address: 4904 S. Lake Park  Ave.  Chgo. IL 60615  1 (312) 747-0511
Day: Every 3rd Friday of the month
Time: 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Dates: 5/16; 6/20; 7/18; 8/15; 9/19; 10/17; 11/21; and 12/19.
All Community and Parents welcome.

A 2010 Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force (CEFT ) meeting explains the concept of "matching" funding as  key to capital improvements, reinvestment, and repurposing of CPS buildings and the importance educational and .  So, it would seem to me not to use TIF until it is matched with state funding. TIFs were used to bring back about 82 Art positions and about 82 PE positions, but there was no transparency as to whether or not that TIF funding was matched for capital improvements.

10 Principles for a balanced Educational and Facilities Plan

(1) Vision, (2) High Quality Public Education, (3) Vibrant and Safe Neighborhoods, (4) Fair and Equitable, (5) Complete and Comprehensive, (6) Coordinated, (7) Accurate and Complete Data, (8) Manageable and Feasible, (9) Publicly Open, Inquiry-Based Process, and aimed at (10) the Future of Our Public Schools. Expert Witness: Mary Filardo, Executive Director of  21st Century School Fund (Washington, D.C.),  and Founder/Facilitator of Building Education Success Together (BEST).          

Please post this link to blog.  This CEFT meeting is necessary for our scope and sequence of events to repurpose Canter/Dyett.

Update from last Strategic Planning Work Group Meeting- from April 2nd

Posting this a little late but this information will be made available at the meeting on Wednesday as well.

Strategic Planning Work Group 
Summary from meeting April 2, 2014
Present:  Anne Renna, James Ellis, Katie Gruber, Peter Pereira, Kate Lorenz, Deb Hass, Joy Clendenning

Drafted and discussed data and other information needs of the CAC; took initial steps to secure information
  • Joy speaking to CPS staff about making a request of CPS to supply data they have
  • Anne and Katie will meet w/ TBD "CPS data guru" to formulate request and obtain data
  • Peter, Joy, James and Katie attending LSC meetings to introduce CAC strategic planning group and ask about ideal grade configuration and (where appropriate) middle school experience 
Discussed developing an assessment of resources around arts education

  • Kate to make HPAC ed staff available for preliminary discussion

Discussed how strategic planning could help advance work on the three point plan
  • Ask CAC leadership to help determine if we can expect help from facilitator / consultant in developing plan
  • Recommend to CAC leadership that we discuss one area of the plan each month with discussion to include CPS providing its perspective, policies, and a guest expert, if possible, discussing research and best practices related to the priority. 
  • Committee members will also, to the extent possible, provide related data that it has already collected and help to frame issues for discussion or recommendations for consideration by the CAC
    • Deb / Peter - Middle School experience
    • James - Social / emotional development
    • Jane Averill / Anne - Early childhood eduction

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Reminder- Next Meeting is Wed, April 23! And other important announcements...

Just a reminder that our next monthly Hyde Park/Kenwood CAC meeting is Wednesday, April 23.  An invitation will follow.

Also, here are some important dates/announcements:

1.   CPS will be hosting Student-Based Budgeting info sessions starting April 22nd.  Although they are targeting LSC members, ALL folks are encouraged to attend!   Please see schedule below.

2.  National Volunteer Week is this week (April 6-13). During National Volunteer Week, it's an opportunity to celebrate volunteers and their work (according to a recent study, the value of volunteer time is $22.14 per hour).   

3.  This is the last week to sign-up children in the CPS school-based preschool program for the 2014-15 school year (details below)

4.   CPS conducts a quarterly School Food Parent Advisory Committee.  If you would like to be a part of this, please see below and the attached application.

1. The budgeting process for School Year 2014-15 officially commenced this week by distributing draft school budgets to principals. This year’s budget reaffirms CPS’ commitment to empowering principals as the instructional leaders of their schools by continuing the Student Based Budgeting model. SBB affords principals the flexibility to allocate core instructional dollars, while also creating a fair and equitable funding process where funds directly follow the students. Likewise, as members of the Local School Council, the SBB model offers unprecedented autonomy to make decisions and approve individual school budgets that will drive learning and tailor resources based on the unique needs of your school community.
 As a part of the District’s commitment to ensuring transparency and enhanced understanding of the budget process, the following LSC Informational sessions will be held:
South Side
Simeon HS, 8147 S.  Vincennes
April 22
6 – 7:30pm
Southwest Side
Back of the Yards HS, 2111 W. 47thStreet
April 23
6 – 7:30pm
West Side
Westinghouse HS, 3223 W. Franklin
April 24
6 – 7:30pm
Northwest Side
Schurz HS, 3601 N. Milwaukee
April 24
6 – 7:30pm

Members of the CPS Budget Department will be on-hand to provide an overview of the budgets and answer questions. We have also encouraged principals to attend these sessions in an effort to strengthen cohesion and positive outcomes for our students. 


3.  Week of April 7th – 11th
Round 1 Application Period Ends April 11th!

The Chicago: Ready to Learn! process will be ending April 11th. Families interested in applying should visit one of our 17 centralized application sites open Monday-Friday throughout the city. Attached is the list of each site name, address and hours.

Please help us ensure that all children who are preschool age apply by the deadline.  If your school is in need of marketing materials, please visit the Knowledge Center. For questions or concerns, please email or call the Chicago: Ready to Learn! hotline at 312-229-1690.  

Please remember the following:
  • Parents can list between 1-3 school choices.
  • Parents can only submit their application at designated application intake sites.
  • Returning Pre-K students (Children who will be age cycle 4) do not need to submit an application, unless they would like to change schools for next year.
  • Families must bring proof of child’s age, residency, and income with them to an application site, unless they are in a temporary living situation. If they are in a temporary living situation, they do not have to provide any of this documentation.

Thank you for your continued support for the Office of Early Childhood Education (OECE) and our Chicago: Ready to Learn! initiative.

Office of Early Childhood Education


4. Leslie Fowler, Executive Director of Nutrition Support Services convenes a School Food Parent Advisory Committee on a quarterly basis. The goal of the group is to share updates about the CPS meal program and to also gain valuable feedback from parents. We are looking for between 10-15 additional parents to join this group and would appreciate your assistance in promoting our application (attached). Please let me know if you have any questions.

In order to become Healthy Schools Certified as indicated by the green apple on your CPS School Progress Reportschools must be HealthierUS SchoolChallenge (HUSSC) certified by the USDA. Submit your application to studentwellness@cps.eduThe spring application period runs from April 1 - April 30. Becoming certified is a step in becoming LearnWELL. 

Please contact if you would like to apply.

Tarrah K. DeClemente, MPH, RD, LDN
Nutrition Education Specialist
Office of Student Health and Wellness / Chicago Public Schools / 125 South Clark Street, 9th Floor / Chicago, IL 60603 / Phone: 773-553-2839 / Fax: /

“You can't educate a child who isn't healthy, and you can't keep a child healthy who isn't educated.” — Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former US Surgeon General

Sunday, April 6, 2014

LSC Election Info- GO VOTE on Monday (elementary) and Tuesday (HS)

Apologies for not posting this sooner- I hope it still helps some individuals.  Joy Clendenning needs credit for creating this clear and concise information sheet on the elections.  Please note that parents and community members can vote for both parent candidates and community candidates at any school in whose boundaries you live.  Only 5 votes per ballot- mix and match how you like between parents and community candidates.

And spread the word to others to vote!!  

Elementary Schools: Monday, April 7, 2014. Polls open at each school: 6am – 7pm
High Schools: Tuesday, April 8, 2014. Polls open at each school: 6am – 7pm

All members of the community, ages 18 and up, may vote.

You may vote at the elementary school in whose boundaries you reside. You may vote at any magnet school in whose election boundaries you reside. You may vote at the high school in whose boundaries you reside. Bring an ID to confirm address. To find out schools' boundaries go to the CPS school locator and enter your address.
There will be a list of parent representative candidates and a list of community representative candidates. You may vote for up to 5 candidates total from the two lists.
Local School Council members serve for two years and are responsible for approving how funds and resources are allocated, developing and helping to implement the school Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP), and evaluating and monitoring the school’s principal.

Support local control and democracy in our schools