Friday, May 2, 2014

Next Strategic Planning Meeting- May 7th- Agenda

The next Strategic Planning meeting will be held on Wednesday May 7 at 7pm in the Reynolds Club at 5706 S. University.  All are welcome. 

Draft agenda

• Welcome and Introductions 

• Strategic Planning Committee Charge/Job Description:   
Heads up long-term planning by communicating with stakeholders to develop strategic plan for community schools. Gathers information on schools through interviews, meetings, and data collection. Creates and revisits 3-point-plan for CPS annually, as required by CPS, with feedback from whole group.

• Review and update on agenda items from last meeting 
CPS data request (discussion with Bill Gerstein)
LSC meetings to learn ideal grade configuration at schools

• Brief report on feedback from interviews with principals (have any of these happened since last meeting)

• Brief report on status of obtaining strategic plans of other CACs

• Review work of committee in context of 3 point plan
• Discuss role of Strategic Planning in outreach efforts

• Discuss next steps and assignments

• Wrap Up

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