Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rapid Response Meetings Update


Location: Blackstone Public Library Branch
Address: 4904 S. Lake Park  Ave.  Chgo. IL 60615  1 (312) 747-0511
Day: Every 3rd Friday of the month
Time: 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Dates: 5/16; 6/20; 7/18; 8/15; 9/19; 10/17; 11/21; and 12/19.
All Community and Parents welcome.

A 2010 Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force (CEFT ) meeting explains the concept of "matching" funding as  key to capital improvements, reinvestment, and repurposing of CPS buildings and the importance educational and .  So, it would seem to me not to use TIF until it is matched with state funding. TIFs were used to bring back about 82 Art positions and about 82 PE positions, but there was no transparency as to whether or not that TIF funding was matched for capital improvements.

10 Principles for a balanced Educational and Facilities Plan

(1) Vision, (2) High Quality Public Education, (3) Vibrant and Safe Neighborhoods, (4) Fair and Equitable, (5) Complete and Comprehensive, (6) Coordinated, (7) Accurate and Complete Data, (8) Manageable and Feasible, (9) Publicly Open, Inquiry-Based Process, and aimed at (10) the Future of Our Public Schools. Expert Witness: Mary Filardo, Executive Director of  21st Century School Fund (Washington, D.C.),  and Founder/Facilitator of Building Education Success Together (BEST).          

Please post this link to blog.  This CEFT meeting is necessary for our scope and sequence of events to repurpose Canter/Dyett.

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