Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Professional Development Opportunities for CACs

Due to constraints on how CACs could spend Title I funds, CPS is making available some professional development opportunities for CACs. Hyde Park-Kenwood CAC folks can attend any of the workshops listed below.

THE PACKAGE: CAC Professional Development Circuit (SY_2016 - 2017)
Effectively Addressing TraumaEffective DisciplineEngaging Families (HS)Understanding Parental EngagementPreparing for College_ParentsHelping Your Child Succeed_Comm
Participant CACsDateDateDateDateDateDate
Humboldt Pk (West)7-108-14Chicago Commons (1st training 12pm-3pm) Blocks Together (2nd training 12pm-3pm)
Austin6-276-13Michele Clark HS, 5101 W. Harrison (1st training 5pm-8pm) (2nd training 11am-2pm)
Englewood6-228-3-17Dyett Parent University (Trainings 5pm-8-pm)
South Shore6-158-17Dyett Parent University (Trainings 5pm-8-pm)

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