Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Middle Schools Supports Statement

At the July 23 HPKCAC meeting the body approved the following statement, which has been submitted through channels to Dr. Janice Jackson, Chief of Network 9.

Proposal regarding Area Middle Grade Program support beginning SY2014-15
Approved at the July 23, 2014 HPK CAC meeting

            To develop specific requests related to the HPK CAC three-point plan’s priority re: the middle school experience, the Strategic Planning Committee invited Heather Patay, a middle grades expert from NEIU, to speak with the HPK CAC, met with Network 9, gathered information, and conducted interviews with several area principals regarding ideas for supporting and improving the middle grade experience for all area students.

            We request Network 9, in consultation with OS4 and Central Office, to commit to sustainable multi-year funding for:

1)    The necessary, promised supports to ease the transitions for the three middle school populations that are affected by the closing of Canter: grade 6 at Shoesmith, grades 6-8 at Ray, and grades 6-8 at Bret Harte.
2)    A consultant who is not a CPS employee to help area schools identify needs and develop stronger middle grade programs addressing academic, social, and emotional growth.
3)    Coordination of vertical alignment between the elementary and high school principals, staffs, and their programs in order to smooth the transition from middle grades to high school and from 6th to 7th grades (when a school change is involved).
4)    Social workers/counselors specifically to work with middle grade students.
5)    Opportunities for all area middle grade students and families to interact such as extracurricular neighborhood-wide programs, after-school programs, parent education, etc. For example, math/robotics camp, computer science workshops, summer theater, team sports, and seminars and round-table discussions hosted by HPK schools and open to all.

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